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Consulting Experience

I provide comprehensive, project-based development consulting services for domestic and international clients. I can plan, implement, and supervise all phases of a project, including research design, data collection, data analyses, and diagnostic report writing for international development projects, culminating in policy recommendations to nonprofits, aid agencies and government. I am skilled in both quantitative and qualitative analyses, and can use a variety of programs including SPSS, Stata, NVivo, and Atlas.ti. I have extensive experience in West Africa, working on projects related to civil society, civic engagement, social accountability, and good governance. 

I provide grant research, proposal development, and proposal writing services for my clients. I have written proposal for projects in sub-Saharan Africa, Southeastern Europe, and Asia. I also conduct impact evaluations and assessments.

In addition, I design curriculum and deliver training and professional development workshops for my clients. Course content areas include: nonprofit management and governance, resource development, capacity-building, leadership, social enterprise, proposal writing, ethics and accountability.

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